Expert Roundup: 77 Smart Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

How to Increase Home ValueOkay, show of hands:

Who else would like to raise your home value and make your house more attractive? Everybody, right?

Whether you want to make your house sell for more, or you are considering to flip your rental property to find a tenant at good price –

there are low cost solutions that don’t necessarily break the bank, whilst you’d need to decide if some of the home improvement ideas are worthy investment and within your budget.

Here are 77 smart ways to increase the value of your home, as recommended by experts like real estate agency owners/agents/realtors:

5 Home Renovations That Raise The Property Value

Mat Piche, The Fruitful Investor, recommends 5 home renovation tips that will increase your property value and provide solid Return of Investment (ROI):

  • Use a light-colored kitchen, eg. white cabinets with a light countertop.
  • Bathroom with double sinks, and make the color palette very light.
  • One seamless flooring throughout the whole house.
  • Use a feature wall.
  • Curb appeal – cut the grass, take garbage off the front line, pull the weeds.

10 Home Improvements to Increase House Value

Real Estate advisor Andrew Finney shares these home improvement tips to raise the value of your house:

  • Claw Foot tub may boost your property value by 29%, according to survey.
  • Home with farm house sink possibly sold for 26% more than similar homes without it.
  • Exposed wooden beams.
  • Wainscoting on the walls.
  • Outdoor living space with a Pergola
  • Home that has a mudroom potentially sell for 24% more than a home without one.
  • Quartz counter tops
  • Shaker cabinets
  • Flooring upgrades.
  • White picket fences.

10 Insider Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Peter J. Ancona, the owner of Ancona Real Estate, recommends these 10 strategies on how to increase the value of your home:

  • Change the colors of the home, paint either a white a soft gray or a light beige.
  • De-clutter the home so that the house has an open, bright and light feeling.
  • Enhance and increase the natural or artificial light in your rooms.
  • Hire the best (full-time) realtor in town.
  • Deep clean and sanitize your home.
  • Small updates to kitchen (eg. matching appliances, countertop, backsplash).
  • Fix small broken items around the home.
  • Enhance landscaping and improve the curb appeal to the front of your home.
  • Create a tranquil and serene environment (eg. get some candles and flowers).
  • De-personalize the space (eg. remove your personal photos).

7 Great Home Improvements for Resale and ROI

Matt Leighton, real estate agent and realtor, shares 7 home improvements that sellers can make to help increase the property value – before listing the property for sale:

  • Fresh coat of paint, with light neutral color is recommended.
  • Improve the lighting where possible.
  • Replace wall outlets, faucets, knobs, and door handles.
  • Do minor kitchen upgrade, such as install granite countertops OR custom backsplash.
  • Install hardwood floors instead of carpet.
  • Stage your house.
  • Landscaping to get your yard looked nice, nicely trimmed grass, get rid of weeds.

Top 5 Upgrades to Increase Your Home Value

Jeff O’Leary, real estate agent and broker, shares the following 5 upgrades that will increase the value of your home:

  • Flooring update, with hardwood floors are the #1 thing.
  • Small update on kitchen (eg. faucets, knobs, backsplash).
  • Improve interior lighting (eg. replace basic lights, chandelier)
  • Paint your walls.
  • Home staging.

6 Upgrades that Increase the Value of Your Home

Here are 5 upgrades that can provide great return on investment when you sell your house:

  • Add space and open up the floorplan to increase livable square footage.
  • Enhance curb appeal, as recommended by 93% of top agents before selling a house.
  • Add style in key rooms with small inexpensive upgrade.
  • Reduce maintenance hassles (eg. items that might need repair/replace soon).
  • Consult real-estate agent and cater to buyer trends in your area.
  • Bring in energy efficiency

Most buyers nowadays will perform house inspection and home energy audit before buying a property, so check out the followings to help increase your house appraisal value and pass the home inspection check:

15 VERY COOL Ways To Increase Your Home Value

Watch the following video by Homedit, and check out these very cool upgrades to increase your home value – WOW!!

  • Turn a roof window into a balcony
  • Swimming pool sliding deck cover
  • Underground car garage
  • Shipping container swimming pool
  • Smart door lock
  • Garage door opener with camera
  • Faux Grass front yard
  • Garden edging
  • Glass house extension
  • Firepit bowl
  • Backyard pond and garden edging
  • LED stairs
  • Waterfall swimming pool
  • Bathroom walk-in shower
  • Hanging chairs

7 Home Improvements to Increase Home’s Sales Price

Professional home stager Laura Fulton and real estate investor Pete Formica share the following tips to increase the sales price of your house:

  • De-clutter the house (eg. clear out basement and garage).
  • Landscaping (eg. new mulch, bushes trimmed, power wash the house).
  • Painting – choose a paint color in the middle of gray and beige.
  • Flooring (eg. new carpet, sheet linoleum, continuous flooring)
  • Kitchen update (eg. replace handles and knobs, countertops)
  • Bathroom update
  • Furniture placement (eg. don’t let furniture block your home features).

2 Ways to Increase The ACTUAL Value Of Your Home

Real estate investor Kris Kroh gives an overview of “Actual Value vs Perceived value” in this video, whereby he shares 2 ways that can really increase the ACTUAL value of your property:

  • Find a way to increase from 2 bedrooms to 3 bedrooms (eg. covert a garage).
  • Increase the size for more square footage of livable space.

Boost Your Home’s Selling Price: 5 Pro Secrets

As revealed by the latest survey of real estate pros by Consumer Reports, here are 5 low-cost ideas that can increase your home’s value:

  • Class up the kitchen (eg. fix burn mark on the counter).
  • Beautify the bathrooms (eg. update anything with knobs or handles).
  • Tackle clutter and clean.
  • Fresh coat of paint, especially the front door.
  • Picture perfect shots, as about 90% of buyers look for home online.

Another 5 Ways that Add Value to Your Home

Rob Corcoran recommends the following 5 improvements that add value to your home:

  • Remodel kitchen or do soft upgrades (eg. painting the cabinets).
  • Add lights (eg. sky lights and canned lighting) and ensure adequate lights.
  • Increase curb appeal (eg. fertilizing lawn, add new trees and vegetation).
  • Maintaining/Add Deck.
  • Update bathrooms.

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How to Increase Home Value