Electric Fireplace and Cabinet: 19 Videos with Superb Product / Setup / DIY etc Tips

Electric Fireplace and CabinetThere comes a time when you will decide to install or replace an indoor fireplace to warm your home –

for everyone around to appreciate its warmth and pleasing light.

With advancement of technology, electric fireplace has emerged as a popular choice over a conventional fireplace that burns wood, coal, or natural gas.
Here are 19 videos with useful tips that cover different types of electric fireplace, setup installation guide, product reviews, DIY home fireplace improvement projects, and more.

Benefits of Electric Fireplace vs Gas Fireplace

Gas fire place produces real flames, whereas electric fireplace has no real fire and no smoke.

While some electric fireplace adopts infrared technology that directly heat objects within a room without the mess and dangerous gas –

other electric fireplaces work by taking in cool air, heat it with coil paired with fan, and then gently push warmed air back into the room to produce energy efficient heat.

This video shows an example of what makes the electric fireplace’s flickering flame effect:

A gas fireplace is far much costly as compared to electric fireplace, with the cost of running an electric fireplace is lower than the cost of maintaining the same size of gas fireplace.

A key reason is that none of the heat is lost through chimney, making electric fireplaces much more energy efficient and they are capable to warm an area up from 400 square feet up to 1000 square feet – depending on the model you choose.

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Green Eileen shared her experience on the benefits of electric infrared fireplace in the following video, alongside the importance of zoned heating and cooling:

Touchstone Electric Fireplace

As one of the industry leaders for electric fireplaces, Touchstone is an excellent choice and here are some of the tips of how you can install a touchstone fireplace:

Firstly, create a space within your wall and this space should framed all round in such a way that it can accommodate the size of your electric fireplace.

The second step is securing your fireplace into the wall space.

Thirdly, install the media and this can be a crystal or log set media, depends on your choice.

The last step is for you to install the glass panel that simply clips in and that needs you not to screw it. Also, it is important to leave a few inches between your TV and the touchstone electric fireplace due to the heat that comes out of the fireplace.

This video shows the easy DIY flush mount electric fireplace installation of highly rated Touchstone Valueline 60 electrical fireplace:


Wall Mount and Recessed Electric Fireplace

In order to ensure that every room in your house gets the right kinds of environment, you need a floating fireplace. It is easy to install; just like any other fireplace.

For this example, it is a fuel-ran fireplace. You need to install 3 feet above your floor to avoid anything flammable:

Your wall mount electric fireplace needs to be installed some few feet from the ground. This ensures that a person sitting in that room gets warmth even if he/she is seated.

To install the mount fireplace, use a level meter to ensure that your fireplace is not tilted.

For some of us who don’t have any idea about how to unbox and install a wall mounted fireplace, it is very important to be aware of how it is done, including proper unboxing.

In this video, you will learn how to unbox and do the step-by-step installation of the new wall mount fireplace:

Freestanding Electric Fireplace, Insert, and Realistic.

There is also the Napoleon linear wall mount freestanding model and you want to know that unlike other electric fireplaces, it comes with a slightly unique style.

It is unique in the sense that you don’t necessarily need to mount it on the wall. It can actually stand on its own. That means it is also a portable electric fireplace, as shown below:

And Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert is another popular choice.

It comes with installation manual as well the remote device and you can always control your electric fireplace from the comfort of your seat.

If you want an electric fireplace with the most realistic electric fireplace, then MagikFlame is an excellent choice but it is expensive – as you can check out the latest price here:

Linear Electric Fireplace

To install a linear electric fireplace, you need to keep in mind the following –

  • Frame your wall just like when you are framing for a window.
  • Never design your own circuits, seek services of a licensed fireplace electrician.
  • Your fireplace should be 30 inches above the ground.

These have been shown in the video below:

Electric Fireplace Cabinet and TV Stand

There are those of us who prefer a fireplace mounted in a fireplace cabinet. To satisfy that preference, you need an electric fireplace cabinet.

There are various designs of such cabinets that professionals can design and build one that will suit your needs, while there are also ready-made electric fireplace cabinets that can be used as TV stand.

Have a look at this video so as to have a good insight about how an electric fireplace cabinet is designed:


Electric Fireplace with TV

The elegance of living room can be enhanced by mounting a TV above your electric fireplace.

To do this, frame your wall in such a way that it will provide for two holding places; one for your TV (on top) and one for your electric fireplace (below).

Note that you need to leave a space of about 10 inches between the TV and your fireplace. To crown its beauty you need combo stone tiles around it.

Electric Fireplace with Tile

In order for you to achieve maximum beauty around your fireplace, your liner fireplace can be crowned with tiles on it.

To do this, you can build a fireplace cabinet first then install your electric fireplace, and lastly, mount the tiles all over the cabinet:

And here are another 60 fireplace tile ideas that you can get inspirations from:

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Examples of Electric Fireplace DIY Projects

There are a lot of DIY project related to electric fireplace installation and to start with, we have a new fireplace and a TV in the family room.

To install this, you need Airstones. After framing your wall, you need to mount the airstones around the TV space and the around the electric fireplace. That is vivid from the video below.

The other method that can help you in DIY when installing your fireplace on your wall is by drawing an outline of where your fireplace will be mounted.

To do this, you need tapes and these are helpful since you will stick them on the wall to act as the basic plan of where your fireplace will be.

After that, you are good to start building your fireplace.

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Luckily, there are those electric fireplaces that comes as pre-designed for you to fit them together just like a jigsaw fitting. To make things right, all you need to do is ensure that you read the instructions.

As soon as you are done with installing the pieces of your cabinet, put your electric heater in place and adjust the settings that suits your room needs.

Check out the following video to get some inspirations: