9 Couples Converted 45 Sea Containers into AMAZING Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Homes CouplesShipping containers, the same cargo containers that you see on the back of trucks or loaded on to ships, are used as green building material over the years.

As durable and versatile building blocks, shipping containers have been converted into construction site offices, portable toilets, swimming pools, and much more.

Some people have even created living space made entirely from the shell of such cost effective containers.

For examples, here are 9 couples who have transformed a total of 45 sea containers into 9 amazing shipping container homes with impressive interior/exterior design and floor plan.

It’s a safe bet that you’ll enjoy living in these houses too!

#1: DIY Shipping Container Home and Debt-Free Living!

Jaimie and Dave built their amazing home from one 40ft and one 20ft shipping container.

Filled with superb features, the impressive shipping container home has everything that this couple need, while fulfilling their dream of living debt free with more freedom.

#2: Aussie Couple Constructed Off-Grid Mobile Home

This couple were living in rural Scotland, and then moved to Australia after the husband Paul Chambers received a job offer there.

Paul started his project by converting 2 shipping containers into a house with bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom, photovoltaic panels, rainwater capture setup, and much more.

And this DIY project eventually became the couple’s full-time home!

#3: First Shipping Container Home in Toronto, Canada.

Carl from Jamaica and Ana from Portugal have designed a beautiful shipping container home in the city, built above the restaurant that they already owned.

This couple transformed 3 used shipping containers into a modern house with impressive interior and exterior design, as shown in the video below:

#4: House Made Out of 7 Stacked Shipping Containers

With no real experience of constructing a house before, Kicker and Anne Kalozdi bought 7 gray metal shipping containers with spray foam insulation –

and transformed them into a superb 2,000 square feet house in New Orleans.

Very cool interior floor plan!

#5: Couple Constructed Off Grid Shipping Container Home With NO EXPERIENCE!

This couple quit their jobs, sold their home, moved from Florida to Texas, and lived out in the woods in an old barn.

They went through a very rewarding journey by building their dream debt-free net zero shipping container home – without any prior experience!

Don’t miss this inspiring video:

#6: Denver Home Out of 9 Recycled Shipping Containers

Regan and Libby Foster designed this 4,000 square feet house using 9 big metal boxes –

including a cluster of 4 shipping containers on one side, and another cluster of 4 containers mimics the same on the other side, plus one container that spans across.

Check out this house with 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a kitchen with a stove and oven, etc:

#7: Latvia Couple’s Jungle Shipping Container House in Philippines

Linda and Kris have been building an unique 7-units shipping container house with designs that are not often seen in big city –

Hidden electrical wires in small bamboos using plastic PVC pipes, windows with mosquito screen, bed made out of shipping pallets, and more.

#8: Hybrid Shipping Container Home in Florida

A young couple’s house was built with seven 9x8x40ft shipping containers, nestled on 2 acres of land. Sitting on a concrete slab foundation, the containers are arranged in a crisscross stack and T-shaped layout.

For better thermal comfort, the walls and steel roofs of this 4000 Sqft shipping container house are insulated with spray foam.

#9: Grafton Couple Built Home Out of Six Containers

This 1800 sq foot home, owned by Kevin and Amy Plato, is comprised of first floor with 3 containers, second floor with 2 containers, and one more container as stairway tower.

Check out this interesting house with river views: