Thermal Camera catches FART: Real or Fake Videos? Evidences Revealed…

Thermal Camera FartThermal imaging technology has proven its usage in a wide variety of applications and industries over the past decades.

While thermal imaging cameras work by detecting heat energy from living and non-living objects, including those that are invisible to the human eyes —

One frequently asked question is:

Can thermal camera catch you farting?

Fart Caught on Thermal Camera: Real or Fake Videos?

Youtube has several uploaded videos that show thermal imaging cameras have caught people farting, even in public places like airport.

In case you haven’t watched such video clips before, below are 4 of them with most views, and we intentionally leave the thermal fart video with the highest (over 6.4 million) views towards the end of this post — for a specific reason.

Tons of viewer comments have been made, debating whether the farts captured by thermal imaging camera shown in these videos are real or fake. What do you think?



The person who uploaded this video claimed a thermal imaging camera caught this man passing gas at an airport.



Interesting Human FART Facts and “Thermal Fart” Review

According to Alloy :

  • The temperature of a fart at time of creation is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

    (Note: 98.6℉ = 37.0℃ and this is the average normal body temperature).

  • Farts have been clocked at a speed of 10 feet per second.

Mehdi Sadaghdar of ElectroBOOM used the popular Seek Thermal Camera for smartphone – one of the lowest cost thermal imaging camera available on the market today – as part of the “thermal fart” assessment and has his say in the video below:

Interesting analysis, including his analogy by comparing it with hot air emitted from hair dryer.

And here is another video that shows similar outcome, that hot air from hair dryer can’t really be detected by the Seek thermal imaging camera.

You might be wondering:

Perhaps a different thermal imaging camera brand/model with better resolution and capability can capture the heat signature of fart?

Yeah, probably —

But an experiment by Ethan Berlin shows that even a high-end FLIR E6 thermal camera failed to really catch the farts.

FLIR E6 is indeed one of the best handheld thermal imaging camera available on the market today, a top notch option. Its price? See below… Whoa!


You Believe In This Most-Viewed YouTube Video That Shows Thermal Camera Caught Fart?

Well, below is the most-viewed video that shows fart caught on thermal camera, in case you haven’t watched it before.

While most viewers know the fart shown in this video is FAKE

… unfortunately some people think this video is real, when the following video description was simply overlooked:
Thermal Fart Fake Video
The description of this video states very clearly: “This was shot on FLIR thermal camera. Every thermal footage is authentic, only farts are edited digitally.”
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