3 Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation

Thermal Camera Ghost Hunting Paranormal
The supernatural is the natural not yet understood, says Elbert Hubbard.

While places like Pennhurst Asylum and Ohio State Reformatory are popular haunted locations that attract visitors, the existence of spirits is often debatable.

Step forward, thermal imaging technology that is proven in numerous applications.

If you like paranormal hunting, you’re probably aware that thermal camera is fast gaining popularity as a ghost adventure gadget and professional paranormal investigation equipment.

How to Catch Ghosts and Spirits on Thermal Camera

Infrared thermal imaging camera is capable of detecting tiny temperature differences of living/non-living objects, including in environments without any light – such as haunted cemetery that is surrounded by total darkness at night.

Thermal camera collects infrared radiation from objects in the scene to create an electronic image that can be displayed on screen, captured as photo, or recorded as video.

But you may be wondering:

The Best Thermal Imaging Camera for Ghost Hunting?

  Flir One

Thermal Imager

Great For iOS and Android

Smartphones / Tablets

For iOS / Android

Seek Thermal

Compact Imager

Most Affordable for

iOS and Android Devices

Most Affordable

Flir C2 Compact

Thermal Camera

Handheld Thermal Camera

For Paranormal Investigation

Popular Handheld

1. FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS | Android

After a successful iOS version, FLIR ONE was launched for Android phones as well. As a pocket size accessory that transforms an iOS or android device to a powerful thermal infrared camera capable of visualizing heat —

The FLIR ONE thermal image camera attachment allows users to attach this small device to their smartphones or tablets, and offers them non-contact temperature measurement ability.

The latest generation of FLIR ONE has ditched the traditional case design that was specific for particular phones, to a universal design that can be attached to android device via its charging port like a dongle.

FLIR ONE has two versions: One for iOS, and the other with a micro USB connector for android devices. It has its own battery so it does not drain the phone’s battery when it is plugged in. The battery is charged with its own micro-USB port. All smartphones or tablets that support the FLIR app would be able to use this device.

FLIR ONE shows temperature in Fahrenheit as well as degree Celsius scale. Its operating temperature ranges from 32°F to 95°F, with the ability to detect small temperature differences up to 0.18°F and displays the temperature at the center of the screen.

This thermal camera can capture images and videos. It also has a mechanical shutter behind the glass, which opens up when being used. Other prominent features include Panorama, TimeLapse, Paint, and CloseUp functions. Battery capacity of FLIR ONE is 350 mAh.
FLIR ONE App turns the phone display into a thermo-camera. It uses two camera setup called MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging technology that adds visible spectrum detail to thermal images and enhances resolution —

One is a thermal camera and the other is a visible light camera that outlines a subject to give you a better idea of what is being looked at. The camera combines image with heat sensor.

To use FLIR ONE, it is turned on by holding the power button and is then plugged into the phone. The FLIR ONE app is then launched and infra-red heat display can be seen.
MichaelDMagee used FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for ghost hunting, and shared his experience in the video below.

It can also be used to make homes more energy efficient to see where heat and cold are escaping, to observe the kinds of energy losses in the house and detect any other electrical issues that result in overheated appliances.

Thermal cameras cost thousands of dollars but FLIR ONE can be bought for a very reasonable price for everyday use.

You can check out >> the latest price and user reviews of FLIR ONE here.

It also comes with a carrying case since the sensor is pretty sensitive, so you don’t need to worry about it getting scratched or broken and can be easily carried in pocket without worrying about damaging it. While this product is great, one drawback is its relatively low thermal resolution at 80 x 60 (i.e. 4,800 pixels).

Dan LaFave shares his Flir One paranormal research review in the video below:

2. Seek Thermal Compact Imager for Smartphones

Seek Thermal Compact Imager is another accessory that converts a smart phone into a thermal imaging camera. It can see up to a thousand feet away with a 36 degree field of view.

This thermal camera has a resolution of 206×156 (i.e. 32,136 pixels), which is good for a quality thermal image.

Its detectable temperature range is from –40 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit, while it also works for Kelvin and Celsius scales. Temperature readings are really accurate with a 1 degree error at most. The results are equally good for day and night as well.

Seek Thermal Compact Imager can detect water and air leaks, identify structural damage, unsealed gaps and insulation gaps in roofs, walls, doors, window frames and areas with building envelope penetrations etc —

in which you can see over 1,000+ user reviews here on how they used this thermal camera.

Seek makes the camera compatible with the iOS and Android smartphones with a simple and user friendly app, alongside several different modes including viewing image in black and white. Its app also allows users to view different colors, single point of reading, highest and lowest value and a threshold mode which shows temperature above or below specific points.

One mode enables user to view both the camera of Seek Thermal Compact Imager as well as the camera of the smart phone. It splits the screen into two. As thermal imaging makes it difficult to recognize the objects in the image, here the split screen can play a useful role.
This thermal camera has also been used for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, such as the video below that shows some paranormal activity footages in a house and hotel.

Seek Thermal Compact Imager has a micro USB plug coming out of it as well as a small lens. It gets attached to the bottom of the phone via micro USB port. The whole thing can fit in the palm of our hand. The unit comes in a water proof carrying case.

Before this and FLIR ONE, the only way to get access a thermal imaging device required spending thousand dollars but now with a gadget like this Seek camera, our work can be done in a much more affordable manner.

With Seek Thermal Compact Imager is one of the cheapest thermal imaging camera available on the market today, this is indeed the least expensive thermal camera that you can add on to your ghost hunting arsenal.

  • currently do not own any Android / iOS device (for Seek Thermal Compact Imager or Flir One to be mounted)…
  • prefer to use thermal imaging camera as a separate application without combine it with your iOS / Android smart phone or tablet…
  • prefer a ruggedized handheld thermal camera for better durability…
  • prefer a more powerful thermal camera for your paranormal investigation…

…then you can consider the popular FLIR C2 thermal camera.

3. Handheld FLIR C2 Compact Thermal Imaging System

With FLIR is one of the most established brand in thermal imaging industry, it is no surprise that FLIR thermal cameras are popular choice of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.

FLIR C2 thermal camera is a powerful and portable ghost hunting equipment that enables paranormal investigators to detect invisible heat signatures, accurately determine temperatures, and comfortably store images and data for reporting or any other uses.
As one of the most popular FLIR handheld thermal imaging camera –

FLIR C2 is a pocket-sized full-featured thermal imaging system that comprises of two built-in cameras: A high resolution 640 × 480 pixels (307,300 pixels) digital camera and a 80 x 60 thermal infrared sensor.

The built-in digital camera is capable to capture very clear images as reference photos, then FLIR C2 Compact Imaging System combine the digital photos with the infrared images to generate high-quality display on its 3-inch touch screen.

FLIR C2 is powered by the MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging enhancement which combines the digital and thermal images into one detailed image — ensuring there is no loss of data which is usually associated with thermal infusion.
The following video gives an overview of all the FLIR C2 key features that you need to know, including its auto-orientation function and how to easily operate its menu with touch screen.

This infrared camera has a high accuracy of ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading, and is able to capture images in a temperature range of –10°C to +50°C (14 to 122°F).

It is also coupled with a high sensitivity to temperature differences of less than 0.10°C. these specifications ensure you receive very accurate readings and the ability to detect most subtle differences in temperature.
Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for up to 4 hours, this compact and durable camera has a tough housing with a sleek finish, and it is designed to last for many years can be used in any type of situation.

FLIR C2 is able to shoot JPEG images which store large amounts of radiometric information. This ability is useful since you do not have to convert the images in order to share them, and they can easily be analyzed with the FLIR Tools professional reporting software that is included in the C2 purchase.
The video below comprehensively goes through the features and menu of this popular FLIR C2 thermal camera, alongside some tests that have been conducted.
You can also check out >> the latest price and user reviews of FLIR C2 here.


Bonus Tip: FLIR TG165 Thermal Imager

TG165 bridges the gap between IR thermometers that offer no imaging capability and FLIR’s market-leading thermal cameras.

Designed with FLIR’s unique Lepton thermal sensor, the TG165 thermal camera’s built-in spot temperature feature allows ghost hunters to easily discover hot and cold spots for further investigation as well as to save captured images and other information. It is also fast and simple to use, with an intuitive point and shoot capability which makes it easier for paranormal investigators to focus on their hunt for ghosts.

The TG 165 thermal camera is also equipped with dual rotating lasers that help users to visually estimate the size and location of whatever they are measuring as well as an on-screen crosshair that precisely identifies the region on the thermal image.

If you are ghost hunting in a harsh environment, the rugged ergonomic features of the TG165 makes it strong enough to survive an accidental fall of up to 2 meters (around 6.6ft). With a 50° field of view, TG 165 can easily and instantly capture a wide ghost hunting environment.

If you are scanning a ceiling or floor, for example, there’s no need to be moving the camera about repeatedly due to the size of the area or object since one motion can capture everything you need. However, the TG165 thermal camera can neither record videos nor does it have MSX technology, a feature present in most FLIR thermal cameras.

What Color Is a Ghost on a Thermal Camera?

Thermal camera detects then displays relative differences in the intensities of the infrared energy being emitted from an object of a series of other objects. Warmer object will emit more infrared energy.

In infrared thermal imaging color representation, brighter colors (eg. yellow, orange, and red) normally indicate warmer temperatures, while darker colors (eg. black, dark blue, purple) indicate cooler temperatures.

If a ghost is caught on thermal camera, the spirit that is invisible to the human naked eyes will leave a heat signature and show up as a bright/warm spot or dark/cold spot in relation to the surrounding temperature and environment.

Useful Paranormal Investigation Tips with Thermal Imager

Apart from their other uses, thermal cameras have emerged as very popular components of paranormal investigators’ tool kits. The unique properties of thermal cameras allow them to see things that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye and since ghosts are invisible, many believe that they can be captured by thermal cameras.

Here are some additional tips on how to ghost hunt with a thermal camera:

Take note of reflective surfaces

There’s a tendency for reflective surfaces such as windows, mirrors, shiny metals, glass, etc, to produce images that could turn out to be those of the ghost hunters which can be misinterpreted as that of ghosts.

Careful interpretation of heat signatures and cold spots

Most ghost hunters believe that unusually hot and cold spots can suggest the presence of ghosts. However, many other things can generate hot and cold sensations other than ghosts.

Check out the video below that covers some useful tips for ghost hunters to thoroughly investigate suspected ghost images to avoid false positives:

Set up your camera to function optimally

Thermal cameras come in different designs and technical specifications. Ensure that your thermal camera is set up to function most optimally for a good ghost hunting experience.

Select appropriate locations

For an optimal experience, it is vital to select the most appropriate locations to ghost hunt. You may want to try out places with a previous history of ghost sightings. Try to research the areas you wish to ghost hunt, either on the internet or by interacting with those conversant with such locations.

Appropriate timing

Ghosts are said to have preferred times they appear (usually from 11 pm and 4 am). Thus, you need to ensure that you ghost hunt at times that are most likely to yield desired results.

Find some company

Though there’s nothing wrong with ghost hunting on your own, it is usually advised not to hunt ghosts alone in case it begins to get scary or to ensure a more comprehensive investigation. Moreover, it is often said that two heads are better than one.

Complement your thermal camera with other equipment

Ghost hunting is not all about thermal cameras. This is why many ghost hunters have tool kits that, apart from thermal cameras, include other items like flashlights, EMF recorders, thermometers, and others.


How To Choose Thermal Camera: Factors to Consider

Before purchase a thermal camera, you need to determine what purposes the camera is coming to serve and the technical specifications that can most meet these purposes.

When choosing the best thermal imaging camera for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation, here are some key factors to consider:

Resolution of Thermal Detector and Display

The detector resolution (rather than the display resolution) is the determinant of the quality of the thermal image and its measurement data. Thus, a high LCD resolution and a low detector resolution will not help your ghost hunting efforts.

For instance, if the LCD resolution is 640 × 480 pixels and the detector resolution is only 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels), the higher display resolution does not mean much since the detector resolution is much lower.

In video below, certified thermographer Devin Flynn shares his insights on how to choose a thermal camera, including detailed explanation on the “resolution” factor:

Appropriate ergonomic features

If you intend to ghost hunt regularly, then you should be concerned about your camera’s weight. A lightweight thermal camera helps check shoulder and back problems, especially during lengthy paranormal investigations.

Wide temperature range

For an optimal ghost hunting experience, try to opt for a thermal camera with a broad temperature range and efficient sensitivity. A broad temperature range helps you read all temperatures of interest while an efficient sensitivity feature helps in the measurement of the most minute temperature differences.

Accuracy and repeatability of results

If you seek the best accuracy results from your ghost hunting exercises, a thermal camera of at least ± 2% (3.6°F) or more is recommended. Also, to ensure correct and repeatable results, look for cameras with “emissivity” and “reflected temperature” features –

as well as multiple moveable spots and area boxes used to isolate and annotate temperature readings, that can be stored in the form of radiometric data and integrated into ghost hunt findings and reports.

Storage formats

Consider thermal cameras that will allow you store JPEG files without the help of other software or protocols. Such storage should also be accompanied with comprehensive temperature analysis that can enable you to email thermal images without losing important details. Other features to look out for include the ability to import radiometric JPEGs from WI-FI compatible cameras, MPEG 4 streaming capability, HDMI outputs, among others.
If you’re hunting for the paranormal and want to have ghosts caught on camera –

Consider getting a thermal imaging camera and let the advanced technology to give you the edge and night vision you need.

Watch the video below… Fact or fiction? You decide.

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