Hog Hunting with Dogs: 11 Great Videos with Awesome Hunting Experience

Hog Hunting with DogsHog hunting with dogs is an ancient practice but with the changing times –

it has become both a sport as well as one of the ways of keeping in check the number of hogs that have been multiplying in number at an astonishing rate.

For instance, the United States of America is among the countries registering a galloping growth of wild hogs. Since the number of hogs has been so difficult to control, legalized hunting has emerged as one of the best methods.

Hog hunting with dogs can be full of fun, as shown in the following videos and experience.

WARNING: The following age-restricted videos contain violent graphic contents that are not suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

#1: Hog Hunting with Dogs Help to Reduce Crop Damage

In Texas, most of the wheat and star grass farmers have always tried to put up with crop damages caused by hogs. Poisoning is not an efficient method basically because hogs feed on crops and this could mean poisoning the whole vegetation.

To mitigate these issues, farmers have resorted to hog hunting.
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In the video below, guys from UnGuided Outdoors went for hog hunt in East Texas, with the help of their dogs:

And the hunters from Active Duty Outdoors managed to take 13 boar hogs out of the farmer’s field, as shown in the following “Georgia Hog Hunting with Dogs” video:

How about bringing your kid to hunt wild pigs together with your dogs?

Watch below – wonderful experience with lots of fun!

#2: Wild Hogs Hunting with Dogs at Night

Hunting at night and shooting in the dark is more challenging, especially when there are other weather conditions like fog, rain, and snow.

While most people use gears with advanced technology like thermal monocular for scouting and thermal rifle scopes for hog hunting at night

Bryce and Matty don’t mind to hunt wild boars at night with their dogs, as shown below:

#3: Brave Dogs in a Pack – Hunting and Flipping Hogs

Most dogs are good hunters when in packs than when as a lone hunter. When dogs hunt as a pack, they are at the top of their game, while they have greater chance to catch a hog more swiftly and without one of the dogs being injured by these wild hogs.

Here is an excellent video from Australia, showing wild boars hunting with pig dogs:

Georgia Cajun’s dogs are great in hunting hogs too:

And the Thompson Outdoors guys went on a great hunt with their dogs and caught 5 hogs:

#4: Hunting Dogs Need Protective Gears

Although dogs play a great role in flashing out, chasing and cornering hogs – some dangers face them.

Hunting dog can be killed by wild hogs with sharp tasks, while some of the dogs may escape death narrowly with penetrating injuries. As wild hogs can bite hence inflicting deep wounds, thus protective vest/gears are necessary for your hunting dogs.

Unfortunately, some of the hog hunting dogs may die of injuries inflicted by hogs, such as the dog named Sinco in the case below:

#5: Bay Dogs are Excellent for Tracking Wild Pigs

You may have heard that one of the basic tricks for hunting hogs is finding some tracks, and let your dog catch up with the scent.

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As shown in the following video with awesome hog hunting experience, the hunters let out their bay dogs to follow some tracks. The dogs ended up tracking two big hogs after 45 minutes, including swam across some rivers!

Here is an enjoyable experience of hunting wild hogs with dogs at Hollis Farms:

Another great hog hunting experience with dogs that caught 8 hogs: