Hog Hunting and Wild Boar Control with Tannerite: 9 Shocking Explosion Videos that Blow Up Pigs

hog hunting with tanneriteAccording to wildlife professor Billy Higginbotham, there are about 9 million rapidly breeding wild boars in the US.

With America’s population of feral hogs is so out of control, and NACAA estimated the total damage that these hogs inflict in the U.S. is around $1.5 billion annually —

people have been taking increasingly radical steps to rein in the growth of annoying hogs.

Along the years, invasive wild pigs population control and hog hunting with tannerite has emerged as a controversial method adopted by farmers and hunters to get rid of these harmful animals, by blowing them up with explosion, as shown in the videos below.

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WARNING: The following age-restricted videos contain violent graphic contents that are not suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

#1: Hog Control with Tannerite

Swine Burn uploaded the video below with remarks:

“7lbs of tannerite against 15 wild hogs… 9 dead, rest are deaf at a minimum.”

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#2: Tannerite Hog Explosion In THERMAL Hog Hunting

This video shows tannerite explosion blowing up a group of hogs during thermal hog hunting.

The bottom right of this video footage indicates the video was recorded at night using an ARMASIGHT Thermal Night Vision Rifle Scope.

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#3. Big Pig BLOWN UP with Tannerite

There are times when tannerite is not used for hog hunting and control, but hunters are blowing up dead hogs with tannerite. Is this just for fun, or blowing up hogs with dynamite or tannerite is a good way to dispose of a dead hog body?

Hogs carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans, domestic pigs, and dogs — including Brucellosis and Leptospirosis.

Such disease can even be transmitted from hogs to human when the causative organism (pathogen) is inhaled, according to the North Carolina State University.

When a dead hog was blown up like below, can it spread virus/bacteria around the area?


#4: Controlling Feral Hogs with Tannerite

According to Freddie Keel who uploaded this tannerite hog control video, several wild feral hogs in East Texas were removed using tannerite.

Not sure what is Tannerite? Check out below.


#5: Hog Ambush with Tannerite

Some shots were taken in the dark after the tannerite hog explosion.


#6: Texans Fight Hog Infestation With BOMBS, Choppers, Automatic Weapons

Meet Matt Barnett in the video below, see how he used explosives on hogs and feral pigs.


#7: A New Way of Hog Hunting

An original Texas hog hunting video by Scott Loew.

It was claimed that food was scattered around the planted tannerite target to attract hog, before shots were made towards a container to trigger the explosion and blow up the hogs.


#8: Pork & Tannerite

A nice shot?


#9: Hog Hunt – Hogs Surprised by PROPANE EXPLOSION

By hickhya1 – with slow motion on the explosion.


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