Coyote Hunting With AR-15 | .223 and Thermal Imaging: 89 Must Watch Videos

AR-15 Coyote Hunting 223While the most common reason for killing coyotes is to reduce predation of livestock like calves, coyote hunting remains a controversy between advocates and hunters, including petition launched to end coyote control and hunting contests in Vermont.

Still, about 500,000 coyotes are killed in the United States yearly, according to statistics revealed by National Geographic.

Among the best coyote hunting gear is AR-15 that can be effective, especially when setup in a .223 caliber that makes up for quick follow up shots.

We’ve handpicked some best related videos and put them together in this resource guide:

  • Coyote Hunting With AR-15, .223, Thermal Imaging and more: 30 excellent video footage showing some best coyote hunting adventures that you will enjoy watching.
  • AR-15 for Coyote Hunting: From AR-15 ammo comparison to AR-15 setup, AR-15 common problems and trouble-shooting guide, DIY AR15 upgrades and much more — you can surely pick up a thing or two from these 21 great videos.
  • Coyote Hunting with 223: 11 videos covering .223 Remington comparisons, coyote hunting loads, interesting test results, .223 vs .308/5.56 and much more.
  • Coyote Hunting Tips and Tricks: Whether you are a beginner or seasoned hunter who look for coyote hunting tips, hear out some of the experience sharing in these 27 videos, including recommendations from experts like Les Johnson.

Let’s jump right in!

Coyote Hunting Adventure Videos With AR-15, .223, Thermal Imaging, and More…

WARNING: These videos may get you excited and cause you to have an itch to grab your rifle and head to coyote hunting hotspot straight away.

#1: Coyote Hunt In The Cold

Brandon Dolbeare and pal took a cool shot to take down a coyote at 60 yards on a windy and cold evening!

#2: Eastern Coyote Hunting with AR-15 .223

Eric Lawler used his custom AR-15 .223 and Nightforce 5.5-22x56mm scope to hunt down a 37 pounds eastern coyote. Nice shot!

#3: Coyote Shot with Cutting Edge Raptor Bullet and Armasight

Todd Huey of Lone Star Boars shot the coyote with his 6.8 spc 100gr Cutting Edge Raptor.

Other equipment used include LWRCi Six8A5 12.7″ suppressed with the Gemtech ONE 7.62 suppressor, and Armasight Zeus 75mm HD 640 thermal imaging scope.

#4: Morning Coyote Hunting with Tikka T3 Lite .223

Jason and BgBamBoo used their .223 to hunt coyote in the morning.

#5: Nevada Trip with FIVE Coyotes Taking Dirt NAPS!

A great video by Coyote Assassins, with Joel Williams and Rusty went into the deep desert of Nevada for some awesome coyote actions!

#6: Coyote Hunting with AR-15 .223: Corn Stalker

Mike Flanagan and pal used AR-15 .223 to shoot down a 36 pounds coyote.

#7: 50 Coyotes Down with Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII

O’Neill Ops used precision rifles and the Trijicon thermal scopes to take down 50 coyotes.

These coyote hunting footage were filmed directly through the eyepiece of the Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 60mm thermal imaging rifle scope.

#8: A 6-Year-Old Shoot a Called-in Coyote With AR15!

If coyote shooting by adult hunters is nothing special –

then how about an one shot kill by a 6 years old kid?

Watch the coyote-killing adventure by Geoff Nemnich’s son, using a suppressed AR15.

#9: Coyote Hunting with Randy Anderson in Canada

Great video with coyote hunting footage in Canada!

#10: Quality Coyote Hunting Setup = Dead Coyote!

Watch how did Alpha Dog Down made use of sun in his setup to make a clean shot on the coyote!

#11: Coyote Double with Suppressed AR

Fred Eichler shot down 2 coyotes with his suppressed Rock River AR.

#12: Coyote Hunting with AR-15 .223: Blindsided

Gus Congemi shot down the 34 pounds male eastern coyote with his AR15 .223

#13: Thermal Coyote Kill Shot Compilation

Like to hunt coyote by taking the advantage of using thermal imaging technology?

You’ll like this compilation of thermal coyote kill shots.

#14: BIG Coyote Shot in The Face – Headshot !!

Want some coyote hunting tips and tactics for hunting timber?

Alpha Dog Down showed you the way in this video.

#15: Coyote Hunting with AR-15 – Kill a Coyote Save a Fawn

Antler Addicts went to the woods and used AR-15 for predator hunting in South Texas.

#16: Hunting down a Predator

Great video from LunkersTV.

#17: Sniper shot at 480 yards!! My Biggest Colorado Coyote!!

Just click and watch this freaking awesome video!

#18: Coyote vs AR15!

thaHooligan shot down a coyote with his AR15.

#19: Coyote Hunting In The Dark (Behind the Scenes)

Video with behind the scenes coyote hunting footage with O’Neill Ops using the IR Hunter MKIII 60mm thermal imaging rifle scope.

#20: Colorado Coyote Call N Kill With 204 Ar-15 Suppressed!

Coyote hunting with 204 Ar-15 with 40 gr V-max, Burris Eliminator 3, Fox Pro Shockwave, and AAC Cyclone Suppressor.

#21: The Follow-Up Shot – Why You Should Use an AR for Predator Hunting


It’s a real world that you don’t always get a clean shot.

So what if you missed?

Fred Eichler shows you the great follow up shot within 2 seconds, and that’s why he loves his Rock River Arms AR for coyote hunting.

#22: Coyote Hunting: Dirt Naps

A video packed full of great hunts!

#23: Kentucky Coyote Hunt

Chase Wininger and Scot Coyote who were hunting coyote in Kentucky, used a Primos Alpha Dogg to call and mojo critter as decoy.

#24: Self filmed AR-15 223 Coyote Hunt Kill HD

Dan Blaney shot a coyote on film by himself, using a Bushmaster AR-15 223 with a Nikon Coyote Special BDC scope and the Remington full metal jacket.

#25:: Hunting with an AR for Color Phase Coyotes

Jon Collins in Kentucky had 2 great coyote hunts with pal, including an awesome color phase coyote!

#26: 300 Yard Virginia Coyote DOUBLE DOWN With ATN Thor

Video footage on a predator hunt in the foothills of Virginia.

A coyote double at 300 yards with custom AR-15 204 Ruger, and ATN Thor as one of the best thermal rifle scope for coyote hunting.

#27: Tennessee Coyote Eats Bullet From AR-15 .223

Clint Holden and Greg Gallagher went coyote hunting in a recently cut wheat field along a wooded hillside, using MFK Game Call audio files on the ICOtec GC500 with an AD400 electronic decoy.

#28: No ESCAPE – Eastern Coyote Hunting

Andy DelliVener found a taker for his DWO Signature Series call, when a dark easter coyote came into the field.

#29: Long Call Coyote – Thermal Hunt with DEER Attack!

Carpe Sus called in an coyote from nearly 300 yards and watched it with his IR Hunter MKIII thermal sight before parting a killing shot.

#30: Coyote Down – Montana Coyote Hunting with Howa .223

Nadia, Parker, and Zach went for back-to-back morning hunts with .223 and the results didn’t disappoint.

AR-15 for Coyote Hunting: Ammo, Setup, Upgrade.

Want to know more about AR15 rifle, including AR-15 Ammo comparison, AR-15 coyote hunting setup, AR15 diagnosis and trouble-shooting guide, and much more?

Check out these videos!

#31: Five Reasons to Hunt With an AR-15 (MSR)

Still not sure if AR-15 is suitable for hunting?

Check out the excellent video below by Buffalo’s Outdoors.

#32: Is AR15 the Best General Purpose Coyote Rifle?

Yes, at least delmont223 thinks so, and he shares his experience in the video below.

Some AR15 descriptions by delmont223: “versatile and accurate sporting rifle, light weight, rapid follow-up shots, 600 yd capable in accuracy and energy on target, very low recoil, custom configurations and available accessories are endless“.

#33: AR-15 Breakdown For Predators

Jake of Flatlined Predators did a comprehensive AR-15 review in this video.

#34: Is Hunting with an AR-15 Ethical?

Great question, hear him out.

#35: Coyote Hunting Rifle Calibers

David Herring elaborated on some of the best coyote hunting rifle calibers in this video.

#36: Our FAVORITE Coyote Calibers!!

3 guys from Hidden Instinct go through their favorite calibers for coyote hunting.

#37: Optic Selection For AR15 Platform

Tom Fuller goes through some key factors that you should consider when selecting optics for your AR-15.

#38: Rock River Arms AR15 in .223

The bellbucksnbeards guy tested out a new Rock River Arms AR15 Coyote Rifle in .223

#39: What is the Best Cartridge for AR-15?

Excellent video by TiborasaurusRex!

#40: Five Calibers: AR-15 Ammo Comparison

Ish’s Tactical Solutions compared 5 different calibers for AR-15 in video below.

Indeed, he has the following updated youtube video, comparing 10 different calibers for AR-15. While the audio quality is not that good, you can still check it out as it has good info.

#41: How Should You Set Up A Rifle?

Lucas Botkin shares rifle setup tips in video below.

#42: AR15 Setup for Coyote Hunting

BushyBoyz gave an overview of his Colt AR15 setup for coyotes.

#43: How I Setup Ar15 To Coyote Hunt

See how CalebToutdoors setup his AR15 and improved its accuracy for coyote hunting.

#44: Common AR-15 Problems and Fixes!

This video from 704 TACTICAL gave an overview of some common AR problems and how to fix them.

#45: MUST KEEP VIDEOS – Diagnosing, Troubleshooting, and Treating AR-15 Problems

You definitely don’t want to miss these 3 excellent videos by Michael Bell, and then keep them for your future reference!

#46: AR-15 Sling Setups

Nick and Jesse talked about their AR-15 Sling setups in video below.

#47: The Best AR-15 Setup? CQB, Hunting, Fun?

What if you don’t have the money to buy a ton of different ARs?

A good talk by the MidWestOutdoorsMan.

#48: Best DIY Camo AR15 for Hunting: Make Rifles Blind In?

The hunttomuch wolfe guy found some ways to make his rifles blind in when hunting.

Watch how he did it:

#49: How To Convert AR-15 “Assault Rifle” Into A Hunting Rifle

In video below, RedEyed Jack gave a comprehensive guide on how to convert an “assault rifle” into a modern hunting rifle.

#50: Best AR-15 Long Range SPR Upgrades

This video from the West Desert Shooter can give you ideas on how to upgrade your AR-15 rifle (within tight budget) to make it more suited for long range shooting.

He elaborated where money is best spent on a long range system for a DMR, SPR, SAPR rifle.

#51: SPR AR-15 – 0-500 Yard Rifle

The video below gave an overview of universal all around 0-500 rifle concept and rifle build, followed by caliber and accessories for AR-15.

223 Remington: Comparisons and Test Results

Don’t miss out the interesting 223 Remington field testing videos —

especially the .223 vs .308 test by DemolitionRanch on which caliber is the best!

#52: .223 Remington Ammunition Comparison

In video below, MIM94 compared some different factory available ammo’s for the one caliber.

He cooled down the barrel between each group shot, then ditched the outlier cold bore shot when measuring the grouping.

#53: Lead Free .223 Coyote Hunt and Range Report

This is a short video covering four different brands of factory .223 lead free ammunition

#54: Best Ammo For Coyote Hunting?

Blake Myers of Southern Extreme TV shares his opinion on what type of ammo that is best for coyote hunting.

#55: Hornady 75gr 223 & Varget – 300 Yard Test!

Kotaboy32 Tactical folks used the Primary Arms 1-6 to test Hornady 75gr 223 HPBT, and Varget using 22.5 grains & 24 grains.

#56: Testing at 200 and 300 Yards – 223 Hornady VMAX 55 gr Varmint Express

A very interesting video from tnoutdoors9.

Great effort to test this out with a .223 Bushmaster Varminter AR15 at 200 and 300 yards.

#57: Hornady 223 Remington 55gr GMX | Ballistic Gel Test

Andrew tested Hornady 223 Remington 55gr GMX:

3,270 FPS Impact Velocity, 21.4 Penetration, and more.

#58: ZOMBIE MAX!!! .223 Remington 55 gr Z-MAX Ammo Test

tnoutdoors9 tested the .223 ZOMBIE MAX ammo from Hornady with 100-200 yard shooting, using AR15 Bushmaster Varminter, 24″ barrel.

#59: .223 vs .308 – Which Caliber Is The Best?

Fantastic .223 vs .308 testing video from DemolitionRanch!

Which caliber is the WINNER? Check this out.

#60: The Difference of .223 vs. 5.56 NATO?

This video by 44Firearms explains the difference between the Remington .223 and the 5.56 rounds, including comparison between both cartridges of ammunition.

And which rounds to use for which rifles? How to avoid loading the wrong ammo?

Check this out.

#61: AR 15 – 5.56 and 223 Ammo Review

AndrewSails1371 reviewed a few different types of Ammo for AR 15.

#62: Deadliest and Best Coyote Shotgun Load and ChokeTube For Coyotes!

Excellent video by Les Johnson who shares his vast coyotes hunting experience, and he received over 2.1K Youtube Likes for this!

Coyote Hunting Tips For Beginners & Seasoned Hunters

We’ve arranged these last 27 videos to start from “coyote hunting tips for beginner” and progressively end up with the more advanced “coyote hunting tips for seasoned hunters”.

We believe you can surely pick up a thing or two from these excellent recommendations!

#63. Coyote Hunting Equipment

Blake Myers shares his insights on what you need to get started coyote hunting, and some gears that you will want to add to your coyote hunting arsenal.

#64. Rifles & Gear Tips for Beginner Predator hunter

The Shoot To Kill Outdoors guy elaborates on his choice of rifles and gears.

#65. Coyote Hunting Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Jon Collins shares basic tips that will help new coyote hunters.

#66. Coyote Hunting Basics: How to Call Coyotes

Excellent comprehensive video by Clay Owens that you don’t want to miss.

#67. Tips For Calling Coyotes

Mark Kayser talks about the most common and effective coyote calls to use when you are coyote hunting.

#68. Calling Coyotes Into Attack Range

Video and tips from Sin City Outdoors.

#69. Coyotes Hunting Basics: Locating, Calling and Killing Vocal Coyotes

MFK GameCalls demonstrates how to locate coyotes and calling them into shotgun range, when and why to move on coyotes.

Especially useful for coyotes hunting in the thick and timbered terrain of southeastern U.S.!

#70. Shooting Tips – What’s the Best Time to Shoot a Coyote? Where To Shoot A Coyote?

Good advice in this video.

By the way, in case you are wondering “where to shoot a coyote?”:

For beginners, you have a bigger target if you aim the chest area, but it could create a longer death. Take it to the head is an option, however it’s a small hard-to-hit area that a coyote can be injured due to hunter’s misplaced shot to the brain and the animal may suffer before dying.

All responsible and ethical hunters strive for quick clean kill shot, with the most effective shots are delivered to an animal’s vital organs of heart and lungs.

As explained in this article, placing the shot through the front shoulder provides a quick clean kill, as the heart and lungs are tucked in right behind the shoulder joint on a coyote.

#71. Coyote Hunting Tips – Stand Set Up

Watch Ross shares how he sets up on his stand to help him put more fur on the ground.

#72. Beginner Coyote Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

A good video by Informed Outdoors outlining the 7 rookie mistakes that beginners made.

#73. When To Go Coyote Hunt and Start Predator Season?

Blake Myers walks you through when you should start coyote hunting during the year.

#74. Ten Tips For Coyote Hunting Success

Good useful tips, especially for hunting coyotes in thick cover and thick woods.

#75. Late-Season Coyote Hunting Tips

Mark Kayser shares his strategies and tips for hunting cagey, late-season coyotes.

#76. Proper Carcass Disposal

A short but important video for beginner hunters.

The videos above are too basic for you?

Let’s continue with some advanced coyote hunting tips!

#77. How To Get Coyotes Close: Coyote Shot 10ft From Call

With the help of a call, decoy, and some Conquest Scent –

Fred Eichler shot a Colorado coyote within 10 feet of his Fox Pro call.

#78. Trapping Bait and Lures for Coyotes

Video from ilive2h on some tested and proven trapping bait and lures for coyotes.

#79. Trapping Lure Selection Simplified

Great video from Coyote Trapping School on trapping lures selection.

#80. Tips for Shooting Running Coyotes

When a running shot is all you have, Fred Eichler has some tips to make that shot count.

#81. Coyote Hunting 101 – WEATHER!!

The Hidden Instinct guy gives his tips on how to plan your call route around the weather to increase your success rate.

#82. Spring Time Coyote Hunting Tactics

Jon Collins share the tips during his spring time coyote hunt in Kentucky!

#83. Expert Coyote Calling Tips

Dustin Butler elaborates different coyote vocalizations and the best techniques for calling coyotes.

#84. Coyote Calling Strategy – Calling Coyotes in All Seasons!

When Les Johnson reveals his tips for calling coyotes in all seasons, you surely don’t want to miss this video!

#85. Best Ever Coyote Calling Secret Revealed! Predator Calling Advice!

Another great video packed with predator calling tips and advice.

#86. Thermal Imager vs. Night Vision 101: Which You Want & What To Look For

Informative video that compares the differences of Night Vision vs Thermal Imaging.

#87. Hunting with Night Vision and Thermal Imaging | 9 Coyotes Among Casualties

This video shows simultaneous side-by-side footage comparing various Night Vision and thermal scopes, illustrating the pro and con of 3rd Gen night vision vs thermal imaging for coyote hunting at night.

#88. Coyote Hunting Tip: Use A Wind String

Al Voth explains how to monitor your scent cone at ground level by using a “wind string”.

Check out this tip to avoid getting winded by wary coyotes.

#89. Great Questions – Can You Kill Too Many Coyotes!

Les Johnson answers some great questions about killing coyotes!

Did you enjoy watching these videos? Which of the above is your favorite?

Leave comments below and share your thoughts!

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